Pre-registration application

Non-binding notice:

The City of Heidelberg offers various schemes as regards financial support to parents for childcare: families or children who have a Heidelberg Pass are exempt from meals fees, for example; the cost of meals is borne by the City of Heidelberg. Furthermore, children with a Heidelberg Pass are exempt from fees in their last year at nursery before starting school; the costs are borne by the City of Heidelberg. For children under the age of 3 who go to a nursery, it is also possible to receive a childcare voucher to an amount of up to EUR 100 per month from the City of Heidelberg. For low-income families, an application for family credit or (partial) bearing of care costs for children over the age of 3 can be filed at the Child and Youth Welfare Office. The respective application forms are available at the competent Administrative Office for Citizens. Applications should be filed in due time so that relevant notifications are already available, should the child be accepted at the Rasselbande day care nursery so that we can take these notifications into account.

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